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Office Bobblehead

It's challenging to think that this will be the second holiday season during the pandemic and that Christmas and the end of the year are quickly approaching. It's that time of year again: deciding how to effectively honor businesses for their ongoing dedication in a dynamic workplace. How we give gifts changes as our working methods do! Here are some ideas for customizing your annual gift-giving to the modern remote office!

COVID's workplace risks accelerated the adoption of remote work practices, even though the trend was already beginning to take shape. Nowadays, more people than ever work from home or in hybrid work environments. Therefore, figuring out how to express your gratitude in a classy and enjoyable way is critical.

Have you created and double-checked your list yet? We'll help you get started with our list if you need help to think of presents for people working from home.  

Custom Bobblehead

Not only is a personalized bobblehead a great gift, but it may also be an entertaining office present! It can serve as a lively and engaging conversation starter and can be placed in your employees' offices or homes. It demonstrates your willingness to make an effort to deliver a thoughtful present that someone will value.

Personalize your bespoke bobbleheads with the person's name, the current year, or the number of years they have served. You can customize the outfits or add a logo to your bobbleheads for added branding.

It is amusing, memorable, and distinct. Additionally, you can get a corporate discount if you shop in quantity for more than ten employees! 

Sculpted Ornaments

 The carved ornament is another excellent present idea that may brighten someone's holiday and spruce up their Christmas tree. Whoopass Enterprises also produces these!

It has a more robust Christmas theme, but ornaments may be used for various festive occasions. However, we can make personalized ornaments for you if you'd rather forego the body and have sculptures made for your staff or business!  

Webcam Cover

When working remotely, you spend most of your day in front of the webcam so that it may come naturally to you. What if you don't know it's on when you are eating something dirty, fighting with a kid, or, horror, napping? What happens if your boss or a coworker notices you?

Using a webcam cover can prevent all of that. They are simple to use and reasonably priced. When you take a break, you can use this device to prevent the camera on your computer from working. Buying webcam covers for employers is a great way to show them that you value their privacy and believe they can work productively from home without worrying about being watched.  

Laptop Crumb Cleaner

Completing various tasks while eating is one of the best aspects of working remotely. It's helpful if you have to work during breaks to make up lost time. Though this improves productivity at work, it is less beneficial for PCs.

Use a keyboard crumb cleaner to keep your laptop or PC tidy and in good working order. Its soft, retractable bristles are angled perfectly to remove any muck from under the keys. Smudges on the screen can be removed with the pad on the other end. Anyone who receives it as your present will also find it beneficial.  

Water Bottle

Maintaining proper hydration when working, whether in an office setting or from home, is imperative. Why not provide a chilled, carry-along water bottle to staff members? You can even brand them with company logos and designs.  

Smart Mug

Being confined to the same four walls all day might become monotonous. Even while the standard "don't talk to me before my coffee" mug is always an option, you can choose something much "smarter." Yes, exactly—a clever cup!

There will inevitably be distractions when working from home. Something may be happening at home, or work may keep you from paying attention. I admit that I've been guilty of repeatedly returning to the microwave to reheat half-cups of coffee I forgot to drink.

Giving your friends, coworkers, or loved ones an intelligent mug can make it easy for them to enjoy the ideal cup of coffee whenever they want. Coffee is kept at a steady, consistent temperature using intelligent cups. Now, there's one less distraction to deal with: checking the temperature of your coffee.  

Coffee Beans

Why not offer everyone coffee beans instead of the Smart Mugs you gave them last year? Choose a bag of your preferred fair-trade small-batch coffee from an exotic location or a coffee subscription.

Keeping your coworkers and acquaintances who work from home well-rested is beneficial for business and everyone's sanity!  

Scented Candles

It matters how you feel about yourself. For many people, working remotely represents a significant shift in lifestyle. You might become a little crazy at work if you don't have that social interaction. Is there anything more calming than the scent of a well-scented candle?

Even though it is easy to become anxious these days, there are straightforward strategies to counteract the impacts of stress. One way is to use candles with soothing fragrances. Even though candles can't replace a therapist, a calm atmosphere and calming scents can create ideal home office settings.  

Desk Organizer

Regarding productivity, it is easier to complete tasks if it takes several minutes to locate items on a disorganized desk. Additionally, if you work at home more often, your desk will likely have more clutter.

Organize your workspace with a desk organizer with places to store your most essential tools. Some products even have a port on them so you can charge your electronics with them.  

Desk Chair

The body will eventually suffer from prolonged hours of hunching over a computer or laptop. This can be resolved with an ergonomic desk chair. Providing comfy seating for employees working from home might be a terrific perk.

Does it cost a little more than a candle with scent? Indeed, without a doubt. However, it can also enhance productivity and well-being.  

Make Someone Smile With a Simple Gift 

There's nothing like a year-end bonus, Christmas, or holiday. Hard currency will always be popular among the public. If you're not going to do that, though, how about giving your coworkers or remote workers a token of appreciation demonstrating your genuine concern? You may make your home office environment a little more fabulous by adding attractive décor or useful gadgets, among other things.

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